AES Eurasia Business Unit
Mark Green, the President of the AES Eurasia Business Unit. Managing a region in transformation to assist AES’ overall strategy of Emissions/Carbon Reduction, Mark has led the Eurasia Team on a rapid risk, carbon reduction plan. By Greening the Eurasia Portfolio, the team has removed several AES’ Operating Assets from its portfolio within: The Philippines, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland, The Netherland. While working on a Carbon reduction plan, Mark has also had the opportunity to implement and operate several Renewable Projects across the region a Solar Project in Jordan, Wind Project in Bulgaria, Wind Projects in Scotland, Hydro Projects in Turkey, and on several Battery Energy Storage Projects in Northern Ireland, The Netherlands, The Philippines, and India, all which are operational today and assisting in Global Emission Reductions. Within Eurasia Mark manages assets in Bulgaria, Jordan, the Netherlands, India and Vietnam, yet his focus is on energy transformation. His personal Climate Reduction goal is to have AES at and below its 2030 emissions targets, far better than when he started with AES back in 1990 when all assets where Carbon emitters. While working outside of the United States for the last 25 years, both in developed and developing countries, the passion of change can be seen by his leadership history. Originally from L.A. California, Mark began his tenure at AES in 1990. He led several AES Global Markets and Assets, within South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. He studied US Naval Marine Engineering and is a graduate in Power Theory. He also earned certificates in Business Management and Leadership through programs at University of Houston, University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, Harvard Business School, and Georgetown. With his latest studies in Renewable Energy Executive Management at St. Gallen University Switzerland.